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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hubbell Consulting

Business Consulting Overview


It is vital that companies operate at peak performance and adapt to their changing business environment.

My consulting services are dedicated to helping companies become more competitive and profitable using thorough and honest examination of current conditions then applying executive level business management strategies.

The application of these principles is designed to facilitate changes within the organization using current staff. The focus is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company in order to make it more profitable and viable.

I specialize in the following types of operations:

Consumer product businesses:

- Manufactures

- Distributors

- Retailers

Restaurants - single and multiple unit operations:

- Full service

- Fast Food

- Franchise

Advantages of private business consulting services:

- Utilization of expierenced executive management skills

- Flexible, part time and short-term contracts

- Employment tax and employee benefit savings

All business consulting services are offered on a project or retainer basis and usually last several months.

Business Consulting Process

Business Consulting Process


All consulting agreements are based on the client’s stated needs for greater clarity, management control and profit.

How it works:

1. Initial 2-hour debriefing session to understand client’s needs.

2. Determine type of projects to focus on - areas of concern regarding profit, management performance, accounting and sales & marketing strategies.

3. After initial meeting a contract proposal for attaining stated goals is presented to client for review and assessment.

4. Contract includes specified target areas, the methods to attain goals and the consulting fees – including retainer fee deposit.

Areas of focus:

· Reestablish or develop operations management control

· Executive and or staff recruiting

· Executive and or staff training

· Increasing sales and profitability

· Decrease costs

· Marketing plans with execution strategies

· Effective financial accounting reports – management style

Typical contract goals:

· Business plan development - including implementation strategies

· Sales & marketing strategies

· Marketing materials

· Sales training - including client account development implementation

· Mediation settlement

· Internet web development and promotional marketing strategies


· Initial debrief session – 2 hours no charge

· Contract proposal including professional suggestions no charge

· Contract rates are individualized fees formulated for each client

· Hourly rates sliding scale – $25 to $125

· Retainer fee sliding scale – $1,500 to $3,000

· Billing – based on contract weekly or monthly

· Partial professional trade-outs for products or services considered

My intentions for my clients are to provide them a clear direct vision with specific action plans custom designed to meet the goals they want to achieve.